Pago “Los Vivales” artisan Cheese is born in Zamora (Castilla y León), a historical sheep breeder region in the heart of Spain.

Pago Los Vivales

It is there where we have our farm and breed our animals, keeping them in the best possible conditions. Our secret is that we only rely in our own production and close-cycle productive system to make our cheese.

Pago Los Vivales

In order to get the best possible cheese we combined the best of modernity and all the Castilian tradition’s knowledge. That is because we know that the most important part of our work is our animals’ care so we can obtain the best of milks to make our artisan cheese.

Pago Los Vivales

All this put together allows us to obtain our delightful artisan cheese, 100% from un-pasteurized milk from our own production.

Contact us

  • Pago “Los Vivales”
  • Finca Pago “Los Vivales”, 49530 Coreses (Zamora)
  • Spain
  • Call +34 980 081 061

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